Another Side

Pretty much everyone who does "creative" things for a living needs an outlet, a way to practice their presumed creativity without the constraints of commerce. This will probably tell you more about me than the rest of the site.



Don't worry, I'm not going to clog the twitter-verse with messages like, "Cleaning my fridge this AM. Rly shld do  more often! #Mold." Instead, I tweet a "micro-devotional" in 140 characters or less, each day along with a sampling of some of my favorite art from the amazing art gallery we call the Internet. Follow @devo140.







Because 140 characters are sometimes not enough (If you haven't noticed, I can be a little verbose.) I blog on a sporadic basis at


Actual, Real, Bona Fide Art (Or so they tell me.)

Perhaps because I am not technically a great photographer, I have always looked at a photograph as raw material, a point of departure, not the finished destination. You can find a few of those destinations here: I'd call it collage, but it does not involve glue. Sometimes it's fingerpaint. I used to love darkrooms. These days, the darkroom is called Photoshop and I keep the lights on while things develop.




Oklahoma City