My Story. (At least the parts that have been declassified.)

Puzzled by the inexplicable lack of market demand for philosophy majors, I originally planned to pursue a more respectable career path, but wound up in advertising.  Fortunately, I had a few talents beyond the extraordinary analytical thinking skills derived from the rigorous study of philosophy—graphic design, copy-writing, humor, modesty—all of which served me well. Except maybe that last one.

I worked as an art director for a couple of small and very creative agencies in Oklahoma City before founding my own firm, ThinkingCap, with a few equally philosophical—but more talented—partners.

A few years later I was lured away by the siren song of start-ups and stock options and began working as vp of creative services for Precis Smart Card Systems, a near-garage-stage firm in the practically mythological field of smart card technology. I can confirm that you can, in fact, learn much more from failure than from success. Try it. You'll see.

Shortly thereafter I landed as the vp of marketing and creative services for Claredi, another start-up—a successful one this time. Claredi quickly established itself as the leading certifier of HIPAA-related EDI for health care organizations. (Contact me if you'd like to see that sentence in English.)

In 2006, Claredi was purchased by a division of UnitedHealth Group and in 2007 I wound up as an associate creative director with Carrot, an in-house creative services group for UHG, dedicated primarily to OptumHealth. Five years, at least four re-brandings, numerous rounds of layoffs and one euphemistically-named "affordable health care act" later, my sojourn at a Fortune 50 corporation—#17, to be exact—ended when the downsizing genie found his way to my desk.

All of that is meant to say that I am now available (mostly) to provide freelance services for you. Emphasis on "lance," not so much on "free." Talent, experience, and willing to provide my own insurance (but that's negotiable). Not a bad deal, right?

Oklahoma City