Simultaneous with the Thinking Cap era, and perhaps due in small part to the company name, I was asked to be an adjunct instructor in the Department of Art and Design at Oklahoma Christian University. Two things about teaching make the time and low pay worthwhile.


First, there is no better way to hone one’s craft than to teach it. After six years of teaching under the titles of “graphic design for computers,” and “typography,” my own analysis
and design skills, understanding of branding, identity,

history of  type and design, book design and new media



grew substantially.  Second, mistakenly expecting to pass on my years of accumulated wisdom to eager, young and impressionable students, I soon found, as do most who are privileged to teach, that I learned at least as much from the kids as they learned from me... okay, more.


Following a brief 13 year sabbatical, adding to my non-academic resume, I returned to teaching at Oklahoma Christian University. These days I find myself occasionally doing adjunct duties at the University of Central Oklahoma.  As always, working with bright, young minds keeps me on my toes.

Oklahoma City